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Got Going again

Its the first week in 2016, perhaps apologies are in mind. 6 months into semi-retirement and 5 days into my exercise streak. I have ditched the idea of completing the Fellsman. It is the one event that has alluded me. However I did manage to keep some of the weight off. I have started twice and although I got quite far, I retired. The first one was a disaster. The second attempt I ran out of partners. I will be nearly 66 when the 2016 Fellsman is run.

6 Months ago I had a severe B… from both the doctor and the nurse about overweight and diabetes. Diet changes followed and cutting back on sugary stuff seemed to turn the tables somewhat. More to follow…

Posted by: lazywheels | February 28, 2011

The Peelers

Well completed the run/walk, Got to admit it was a tester. Possibly there was some tiredness still in the legs from the Beacon Bash, probably because it was cold and wet, my route description got wrecked in the first 5 mils when it fell in a puddle! and it was in a plastic Marks and Spencer’s pyjama bag. Really Grateful to the lady who shared her route description.  However the highlights outweighed all the downsides . Even though I spent 20 years looking at Peel Tower pretty much everyday, only went in once and that was surreptitiously as young lad. No steps inside just ruined masonry. Even we thought it dangerous and only scrambled a few feet up inside. The second Highlight was seeing the Ellen Strange stone, heard about it but never quite got there. Going down the Irwell valley down the river was a first I had been and seen many of the places with my parents but not all at once. I will get the best pix up in the next few days. Thanks to the scouts for a fabulous day out. I will send them a copy of the raw pix.

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Peelers Hike

Hope to be in Bury again tomorrow for the Peelers Hike. 22 miles over my home turf. It seems the scouts want us all to carry survival kit too!

I will however take what I expect to need, but I might include food as well just in case the check points are far away. Hope to take pix on th way round. I have sort of recc’ed the job having visited on Thursday and lived there for 20 years. I feel that barring total catastrophes I should not get lost (for once). New pix to be posted on Panaramio as well as on here, check back soon!

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Beacon Bash -20th February 2011

I love the heartlands of Lancashire, anyone who thinks Lancashire is mills and towns and cities, is plainly wrong. Sure it rains and sometimes a lot. On the 20th it didn’t rain – it teemed it down for 2 days before and now on Wednesday it rained some more. Great meandering route, Fairy Glen was lovely – It would be really great with the leaves out. Part of Lancashire’s ancient forest. There were the remains of ancient trees. and one or two oddities I never expected. A diving bell on the route seemed sort of handy. I could have used that! The old ruined windmill, I will research that, Part of an even older industrial heritage. We respect windmills on the Fylde. We have a few too. Some of the pictures will be added to my Panoramio account in time. Great walk and many thanks to South Lancs LDWA. Catering fantastic! Do the Christmas Walk. Please use any photo how you wish, Love comments.

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Shimano 520’s

I was in the fortunate position of winning a voucher in a competition. The only thing I really fancied were clipless pedals and shoes of course! I have used pedals with straps for the past 25 years and always felt secure with them.

As I commute and occasionaly have to walk short distances I decided that I would buy the MTB variation of the clipless pedal setup.  The shoes were M076 all leather shoes. The recomendation is to buy a size bigger that the one needed I bought a size 44 instead of my trainer size of 43 – they fit perfectly. There appears to be very little wear on the shoe from the 1500 miles I have done in the shoe. But getting to the pedals. I bought 2 sets of clipless pedals, the 520’s went on the Falcon commuter. The old pedals came off fairly easily, I used to go through cheap pedals fairly regularily! I did remember that one of the pedals is reverse threaded. Looked at the new pedal to see which one. The new pedals screwed in easily. I had cleaned the threads out well by wrapping rag around a stick and winding it through the thread.  Greased the thread and screwed the new pedal in. Fairly stiff to tighten and then they have not been tightened since. There is a tension adjustment on the pedal and I wound this all the way to the lowest pressure. I was fairly anxious about being able to unclip myself. It stayed at the lowest pressure for a long time, I never sprang out accidently. There is supposed to be a procedure for adjusting the cleats on the shoes in the right place, followed the instructions, put the liner in, tightened up the allen screws and that’s where they have stayed. No pains in knees and legs. I guess I have been lucky compared to some on the internet. Leaned against a wall carefully twisted my ankles in and out of both pedals until I felt that I could do it “automatically”. It takes far longer than one or two sessions! Anyway rode around at 10 miles an hour slowing down, unclipping myself, setting off, pressing myself back in for the best part of 30 minutes. Feels really strange!

To date, I have been off the bike 3 times. The first time was so quick I had no opportunity to unclip and I hit the ground still attached and pedaling! The other two times were in the ice. Even though I unclipped myself I slid straight to the floor, If the front wheel goes, you are stuffed.

However description of the 520’s.

I purchased them from a seller on ebay. They arrived quickly and they were in an original box but did not have cleats. They were priced at about £20, this seems to be the going rate for these on ebay.  Looked good, absolutely no trace of any play on the bearings, nicely chromed and well made. Good material. They are double sided. They are of open construction, and road dirt washes through and doesn’t cause any obstruction to the way they work.

1500 miles later, there still is no play in the pedals, bearings do not even appear to be any looser either. As I said they have been on the road a few times. They have been pushed through railings where I work as a security measure, when locking the bike up. A bonus is that they do look battered and worthless and also unridable, never tried riding with “normal” shoes on, I suspect it would be painful! They do look battered, and maybe a little rusty. I have tightened the mechanism but this is for no particular reason than feeling more secure. There has been a lot of grit on my roads as well as the roads breaking up. They do look quite battered, but I feel that they will definately last to the end of 2011, which is a good as I could ever expect. The only maintenence they get is to be sprayed with chain lube when I do the chain. It seems sort of logical that they have the same amount of care. Very happy! Photos show them and the cleats too. Would I buy again – Absolutely!

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Still here!

Well cranked out the second run of the year. This was as well as 2 decently quick race walks over 10 miles. Not happy with the time but happy with the effort. Wasn’t too bad. Kept the pace down because I have the Bury to Accrington walk tomorrow. The distance is 14.1 miles. In the past 3 hours – no prob, but I am nowhere near this at the moment. However I am plannig to walk back as well. Although I would love to watch the footie. Not sure I could stand around for 3 hours waiting for a lift home. My aim is to beat the bus home as well!

Back at work, which has been really quite difficult in my management position. A couple of very poorly students, and also a couple of very poorly staff. Also the company bus broke down on the motorway for 2 hours, people starting to get fractious – but quite good natured.

Is Christmas all that great?

and although the weather has been OK, not been on the treader. No point wearing myself out now. So Friday is the car! Petrol is now 124.99 a litre.  A trip out on Sunday on the Giant is in order I guess.

New hard drive on the way so the rest of Sunday will be putting the drive in and ordering and backing up.

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Bury to Accrington 15 miles

On the 8th of January there will be walk between Bury FC and Accrington Stanley FC, before the football match. As I was a keen fan of Bury FC before I moved away I thought that I might revit my roots and take part. Clearly it is on the roads and the organisers are hoping for at least a hundred walkers raising £100 a head. Unfortunately I have finished work for the Christmas vac and will not be able to gain any sponsorship. However I am willing to donate in a fine cause – which is training facilities and Bury Hospice. Free transport will be provided back via Freebird coaches. No worries about the distance, but the weather may be a bit daunting! Could all be on pavement – sometimes worse!

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Christmas Walks from Wigan

Follow up to the last walks post, the pictures!

Are you here assuming you have found the post or I have sent you a link. Please visit my sponsors on the right hand panel!


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Tiagra hubs and Mavic Open Sport rims

Hi here are some pictures of the latest wheels.

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They are Tiagra hubs and Open Sport rims. They have double butted spokes. The Tiagra hub is a 9 speed and it can have either the Ultegra “granny” hub which ends on 27 teeth or the Tiagra hub fitted which has up to 25 teeth. I suffered with the 25 at the end of the “Northern Dales” at the end. Hopefullty the 27 will give me just that bit extra. These are the wheels that I may do the End to End. At the moment run about 200 miles tested and checked and not the slightest bit of wobble anywhere. Running with the Kendas that have punctured and punctured. I imagine that I can feel the lumpy tubes when they roll.

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Back on the Bike

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Well climbed back on the bike! The first ride for how long. The frost and the snow has largely gone. The air is still, but it is still precarious underfoot – or should that be underwheel… The temperature at ground is still probably lower than Freezing. At least the Schwalbe Marathon pluses have not thrown me on the road – at least today. but they have seemed a bit twitchy. Straight run to work, but I have managed to “honk” all the way up from Palmer roundabout, so that is good. This is definitely one of next years targets. I can’t avoid it, so I make it part of a training exercise. Speed was low but thats OK.

Did a slightly longer ride back, went past the Ansdell turn off and took the turn at the White Church down to the bottom and then came back over Skew bridge. Took great care because the road is tight and potentially icy. However all OK. The little rat run by the lights at the new build was completely iced over, Heart in my mouth moment, but OK.
Cars quite good except for one or two prannies!

The good news is that it seems likely that I will be able to make my 1500 miles this term. Whether I will get to 100 commutes this year is a bit 50-50. Most definately have to cahnge the chain. But not desperate.

The new tyres seem indestructable. In an earlier blog I commented on the state of the roads. Considering the roads got a good hammering with the frost and the snow last January. In would think that they will only get worse this year. There MUST be at least one more severe freeze before the warmer weather comes.

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