Posted by: lazywheels | October 27, 2010

Schwalbe Marathon plus

Well both Schwabe Marathon plus tyres are on the commuter bike. Got to admit that I did not like them at first, but I’ve got to like them – not a lot but I do. They do seem to be indestructable. Even after 200 miles of riding they seem to have actually picked up no wear. Even the little rubber bits that are the result of their manufacture have not come off. The reason that I didn’t like them initially was that I got tipped off on the first trip I ever used. They are so hard that there just seems to be no give in the tyre when its on the road, I just tried to flick the the bike over a small kerb and I went down. The tyres do not seem to be capable of “sticking” to the road surface. I always seem to be a bit nervous of making sudden twists on the road as I feel they will slither away from me. However they haven’t yet.

On the good side, they seem indestructable, I really do have a chuckle to myself if I catch a pebble at the right angle and it flirts off into space with a whine, not a mark on the tyre either. I feel no dread if I go through that windsceen glass that seems to permeate my local commute route. 3 weeks without a puncture, no pumping the tyres up either and fairly confident that they actually look awful on the bike and appear to look “cheap”. They have a nice reflective strip on them too that adds a bit of visibility to them.

Putting these tyres on can be a problem. They are certainly extremely unfriendly and I can understand the issues that peolple can have with them.  I did not resort to tiewrapping the tyre around the valve on the rim as some users have recommended. I did get both sides of the tyre on and kept this pressed on the floor while I carefully inched the tyre over the rim. The last few inches I used the excellent tyre levers from Park. Worried that I may nick the inner and then have to take the tyre off again.

On Balance 7 out of 10. Lost marks because they seem to be heavy. However the weather has got windier and colder – but my average speed has not dropped, they also seem to make the wheels stiffer. devilish to change, appear to hanle like pigs, but I have not had to make any unexpected violent moves. On the plus side, seem indestructable, reflective strip, good ride, great in forward direction, they are going to last a long, long time!


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