Posted by: lazywheels | December 1, 2010

Extreme Weather hits the UK

OK So I know its not been as bad as the East coast, but its been freezing. The best thing is that we might get a second fuel allowance payment. The worst thing is being cooped up inside a car doing a journey of 4 miles that would only take 20 minutes on the bike. However the pleasure of hitting the deck at least once in the ice is not such a great thought.  Not many cyclists about but those that are are wrapped up warm. The pond is almost completely frozen now, just enough water is getting through to keep the water from freezing in the filter.

The Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon

Not a particularily bikey picture but it gives an idea of how cold it is right now!

Hopefully get on the bike tomorrow!



  1. It looks more like a dog to me

    • I don’t understand how that happens!

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