Posted by: lazywheels | December 8, 2010

Back on the Bike

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Well climbed back on the bike! The first ride for how long. The frost and the snow has largely gone. The air is still, but it is still precarious underfoot – or should that be underwheel… The temperature at ground is still probably lower than Freezing. At least the Schwalbe Marathon pluses have not thrown me on the road – at least today. but they have seemed a bit twitchy. Straight run to work, but I have managed to “honk” all the way up from Palmer roundabout, so that is good. This is definitely one of next years targets. I can’t avoid it, so I make it part of a training exercise. Speed was low but thats OK.

Did a slightly longer ride back, went past the Ansdell turn off and took the turn at the White Church down to the bottom and then came back over Skew bridge. Took great care because the road is tight and potentially icy. However all OK. The little rat run by the lights at the new build was completely iced over, Heart in my mouth moment, but OK.
Cars quite good except for one or two prannies!

The good news is that it seems likely that I will be able to make my 1500 miles this term. Whether I will get to 100 commutes this year is a bit 50-50. Most definately have to cahnge the chain. But not desperate.

The new tyres seem indestructable. In an earlier blog I commented on the state of the roads. Considering the roads got a good hammering with the frost and the snow last January. In would think that they will only get worse this year. There MUST be at least one more severe freeze before the warmer weather comes.


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