Posted by: lazywheels | December 14, 2010

Tiagra hubs and Mavic Open Sport rims

Hi here are some pictures of the latest wheels.

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They are Tiagra hubs and Open Sport rims. They have double butted spokes. The Tiagra hub is a 9 speed and it can have either the Ultegra “granny” hub which ends on 27 teeth or the Tiagra hub fitted which has up to 25 teeth. I suffered with the 25 at the end of the “Northern Dales” at the end. Hopefullty the 27 will give me just that bit extra. These are the wheels that I may do the End to End. At the moment run about 200 miles tested and checked and not the slightest bit of wobble anywhere. Running with the Kendas that have punctured and punctured. I imagine that I can feel the lumpy tubes when they roll.


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