Posted by: lazywheels | January 6, 2011

Still here!

Well cranked out the second run of the year. This was as well as 2 decently quick race walks over 10 miles. Not happy with the time but happy with the effort. Wasn’t too bad. Kept the pace down because I have the Bury to Accrington walk tomorrow. The distance is 14.1 miles. In the past 3 hours – no prob, but I am nowhere near this at the moment. However I am plannig to walk back as well. Although I would love to watch the footie. Not sure I could stand around for 3 hours waiting for a lift home. My aim is to beat the bus home as well!

Back at work, which has been really quite difficult in my management position. A couple of very poorly students, and also a couple of very poorly staff. Also the company bus broke down on the motorway for 2 hours, people starting to get fractious – but quite good natured.

Is Christmas all that great?

and although the weather has been OK, not been on the treader. No point wearing myself out now. So Friday is the car! Petrol is now 124.99 a litre.  A trip out on Sunday on the Giant is in order I guess.

New hard drive on the way so the rest of Sunday will be putting the drive in and ordering and backing up.


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