Posted by: lazywheels | February 23, 2011

Beacon Bash -20th February 2011

I love the heartlands of Lancashire, anyone who thinks Lancashire is mills and towns and cities, is plainly wrong. Sure it rains and sometimes a lot. On the 20th it didn’t rain – it teemed it down for 2 days before and now on Wednesday it rained some more. Great meandering route, Fairy Glen was lovely – It would be really great with the leaves out. Part of Lancashire’s ancient forest. There were the remains of ancient trees. and one or two oddities I never expected. A diving bell on the route seemed sort of handy. I could have used that! The old ruined windmill, I will research that, Part of an even older industrial heritage. We respect windmills on the Fylde. We have a few too. Some of the pictures will be added to my Panoramio account in time. Great walk and many thanks to South Lancs LDWA. Catering fantastic! Do the Christmas Walk. Please use any photo how you wish, Love comments.


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