Posted by: lazywheels | February 28, 2011

The Peelers

Well completed the run/walk, Got to admit it was a tester. Possibly there was some tiredness still in the legs from the Beacon Bash, probably because it was cold and wet, my route description got wrecked in the first 5 mils when it fell in a puddle! and it was in a plastic Marks and Spencer’s pyjama bag. Really Grateful to the lady who shared her route description.  However the highlights outweighed all the downsides . Even though I spent 20 years looking at Peel Tower pretty much everyday, only went in once and that was surreptitiously as young lad. No steps inside just ruined masonry. Even we thought it dangerous and only scrambled a few feet up inside. The second Highlight was seeing the Ellen Strange stone, heard about it but never quite got there. Going down the Irwell valley down the river was a first I had been and seen many of the places with my parents but not all at once. I will get the best pix up in the next few days. Thanks to the scouts for a fabulous day out. I will send them a copy of the raw pix.


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