Hi spent some time away from the Folding job, but my life has been jarred by a life or emotional event which led me to restart folding. Plenty of research later and discovered that an ancient Laptop – this one and an even older tower were not going to do really too much in the way of folding. However a 750TI board in the Tower brought that back to life. This is machine that is effectively the work machine. There is a quad core in there but the actual work is done with the GPU card. Managing a conservative 25K PPD. The temperature is cruising about 25 degrees. No OC and no forced cooling either. The sound card is in the way of the cooling, But it doesn’t seem to matter. 8 Gigs in this machine.

The second machine is an even older machine and it is probably going to end up as my wife’s crafting machine. This is a dual core Athlon. Like the the other Machine I have, it has a fairly beefy GPU in the shape of a GTX950. 2 Gigs of Ram. This machine is producing about 55K to 60K on a good day… running about 65 degrees. This M/C has a powerful ANTEC Powersupply. Don’t think the fans are adequate in it either.

Both machines are sitting on a wooden plinth inside the mancave. The outside temperature is ranging from 4 degrees C to 12 degrees C. The Mancave has been known to rise to 15 degrees C! Almost tropical….

Both M/C’s are really quite ancient in computing terms. I am quite convinced that the lack of CPU power is throttling back the the PPD. in both M/C.

A Mod on the horizon is to blow air in from outside into the fan cases to cool everything.  I will replace the cases too so I can mate this pipe to the rear of the machines.

Sitting even further on the horizon is a M/C with a double GPU maybe of a high end Maxwell spec.   Got to be cheap to run though…

This is the score count today 9/1/16. Pretty good for now.

Roll on 2 million!


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