The running, walking page

Well it was the Christmas walks from the Rugby League club in Wigan.

14 miles of beautiful middle Lancashire. Walk started at 10 in the morning and set off on time. Crispy underfoot and the canal was frozen. Still air and quite walm is a strange cold way.
Whiskey at the first checkpoint at worthington lakes. The first lake was frozen but the one nearest the houses was not! Good pace was kept by Mike and we eventually got separated from the rest of the pack. One or two mini navagation errors and we were stranded in no-mans land between 2 packs of walkers. Stayed a tad 2 long at the next checkpoint. We got going from this point. The food must have been quite good because we shot out of there like a rat heading for a hole. In no time we found ourselves at the Haig Hall checkpoint, no stopping and headed for home. The pace improved and we were seriously burning rubber as we headed up the hill back to the rugby club.  Arrived in well under 4 hours. Not great but certainly OK. Pix to follow


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